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Unique ID issued by UMIN UMIN000012141
Receipt No. R000014191
Scientific Title A research of L-Carnitine for general fatigue during chemothearpy in patients with advanced gastric cancer
Date of disclosure of the study information 2013/12/01
Last modified on 2019/11/06 12:06:50

No. Disposal Last modified on Item of update
1 Insert 2013/10/28 14:14:44
2 Update 2014/11/04 09:01:37 Name of person sending information
Name of person sending information
3 Update 2019/01/29 09:49:03 Recruitment status
4 Update 2019/11/05 13:21:04 Date of IRB
Last follow-up date
5 Update 2019/11/05 13:21:16 Number of participants that the trial has enrolled
6 Update 2019/11/06 12:05:10 Recruitment status
7 Update 2019/11/06 12:06:50 Publication of results

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