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Unique ID issued by UMIN UMIN000018528
Receipt No. R000021419
Scientific Title Safety evaluation studies of excessive consumption of food containing resistant glucan (water-soluble dietary fiber) in healthy subjects or subjects with pre- constipation subjects
Date of disclosure of the study information 2015/08/07
Last modified on 2016/05/20 09:29:08

No. Disposal Last modified on Item of update
1 Insert 2015/08/03 16:29:53
2 Update 2015/08/06 13:58:23 Address
3 Update 2015/08/11 10:11:45 Primary outcomes
Primary outcomes
4 Update 2015/11/24 19:15:17 Recruitment status
5 Update 2015/11/24 19:18:32 Recruitment status
6 Update 2016/05/20 09:29:08 Recruitment status

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