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Unique ID issued by UMIN UMIN000033778
Receipt No. R000038466
Scientific Title Effect of hemoperfusion with hexadecyl-immobilized cellulose beads on myocardial fatty acid imaging in hemodialysis patients: a case series study
Date of disclosure of the study information 2018/09/01
Last modified on 2019/02/04 21:33:02

No. Disposal Last modified on Item of update
1 Insert 2018/08/16 13:50:41
2 Update 2018/08/20 15:37:01 Narrative objectives1
3 Update 2018/08/20 15:37:48 Narrative objectives1
4 Update 2018/08/20 16:06:56 Public title
Public title
5 Update 2018/12/10 16:17:16 Key inclusion criteria
Key inclusion criteria
6 Update 2019/02/04 21:33:02 Publication of results

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